About the Network

Activities for children (and their parents) are arranged by the members of the network.

So far we have been at the Natural Museum, activities at home, been meeting at the Bambesch playground incl. geocaching, and have held several (board) games afternoons

Twice exceptional children are welcome too

Recently we have been meeting twice a month
Saturday afternoons in well suited rooms
close to Kirchberg. Typically we would arrange special activities for the children or a games afternoon, parents have amble opportunities to talk while children are feeling at ease in well-known sorroundings.


The Network for Gifted Children at the European Schools in Luxembourg welcomes gifted children of all ages, from maternelle, primary and secondary


The network functions with a high degree of respect towards the values established in each family. We are of many different cultures, and we respect the different values important to each family
Respect for the need for privacy means that membership is
confidential, the knowledge obtained in connection with the network will not be discussed with third parties
Participation in the activities of the network will be according to the resources available to each family. The way the network functions means that nobody is asked to
contribute beyond what their current situation allow

The members of the Network and their parents are as different as most people: some of us are relaxed confident shy forthcoming reserved people with a tendency to discuss matters at length and a preference for non-noisy places. In other words, there is no stereotype member of this network, all sorts are welcome as long as the principles below are taken into account

The regular Café Meetings (for parents only) take place approximately every 2 months.

Here we greet new members, discuss different topics important to us, and enjoy to be in the company of others understanding the blessings, trials and tribulations that come with parenting gifted children