What? Since the summer of 2010 a group of parents at the European Schools in Luxembourg have formed an informal network for gifted children. Immediately a large number of children joined the network and by spring 2013, more than 60 children are included in the network


Welcome to GCEuroscLux - a network for gifted children at the European Schools in Luxembourg

Why? Because sometimes gifted children and their parents need extra support in order to meet the challenges life brings when you are highly gifted. In the network the parents find opportunities to talk - either individually or at relaxed cafe meetings - and the children have the possibility to meet new friends, that might think and learn in the same way

How? In order to join us you will have to write an email to this email account GCEuroscLux. You are welcome to talk to some of the other members before you join in, or you simply meet us at the next arrangement